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I Can't Write About Kafka All The Time

Affinity Trinities

Madonna (Cherish the Thought) 2. Wendy James (Revolution Baby) 3. Ashlee Simpson (Beautifully Broken) UNSOLVED VENTRILOQUIST MYSTERIES* 1. Sid Caesar and Ruth Buzzi. Surely the only "Love Boat" episode to feature two dummy duos, "Double Wedding/Ventriloquists" featured Sid C ... Continue reading »


N' MOVIES The song "Lonely Ol' Night" (John Mellencamp, 1985) and the film "Hud" (1963). The beautifully photographed, black and white "Hud" starred Paul Newman, Patricia Neal, and Melvyn Douglas, among others. Adapted from the Larry McMurtry novel, Horseman, Pass By, it received 7 Oscar no ... Continue reading »

Celebrity Endorsement

CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS Scarlett Johannson (Actor, Avenue B, East Village, NYC): "More fun than an all-night Woody Allen filmfest at The Angelika or tasering paparazzi." Dominant Caveman from Geico Ads (Television Personality, Germantown, PA): "SauroMotel respects the Neandert ... Continue reading »