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Bobby Sauro’s short fiction has appeared in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Fiction Attic, Connotation Press, Fiction Southeast, elimae, Burnt Bridge, Corium, Dew on the Kudzu, and Red Fez. 


His story “Forgotten Flyers” was included in the anthology Flash in the Attic … Continue reading »

My Body Does Not Float – elimae

My short story, “My Body Does Not Float,” was published in elimae. It tells the story of a young man who has quite a knack for saving people’s lives in the shallow end of motel swimming pools.

My Body Does Not Float

The Autobiography of Blue and Uncle Jim up at Connotation Press

Connotation Press published two of my short stories.

“The Autobiography of Blue” is hopefully a humorous look at compatibility in relationships, with some 1970s TV detectives thrown in.

“Uncle Jim” explores the life and death of a WWII veteran in a small, Midwestern town, as seen through the eyes of a nephew-in-law. John Kennedy Jr. makes an appearance as well.

Hope you like … Continue reading »


My short story FORGOTTEN FLYERS has been published in Fiction Attic.

“The Chief Inspector prints a flyer each time another woman is murdered…”

Please check it out here. 

Marvelous, South Dakota

My story Marvelous, South Dakota is up at Fiction Southeast. It is set in the South Dakota Badlands.

Badlands, proclaimed the Lakota Sioux, because it was such a difficult place to cross.

During the height of the Cold War, South Dakota housed many of the nuclear missiles that could have destroyed the world. Some of those underground silos are now part of … Continue reading »


(originally published in Dew On The Kudzu on June 6, 2011)

I’m reading about the crematory owner, as my fourth trip to South Beach since my last great girl traded me straight up for a life of uncertainty comes to a close. The sheriff discovered bodies, stacked like firewood in … Continue reading »


(Originally appeared in Burnt Bridge)

Tonight, my girlfriend’s reeling off my faults in an auctioneer’s voice to an imaginary gathering of women, all also displeased with their boyfriends.

“Good evening, ladies.  First up, I’ve got a boy who doesn’t share, doesn’t like to snuggle, and always argues with me when I’m feeling hurt.  I’ll start the bidding at five dollars.”

I sit quietly … Continue reading »


You’re knocked out.  I’m choking on nothing.  That means a trip to The Cabinet.  It’s just to the right of the kitchen window. Five floors up, I can see the Canal.  The water there is so thoroughly contaminated it will take one hundred years to remediate.

I start by realigning the two jars of peanut butter, the ones from last year’s … Continue reading »


Sam’s replacement in the foxhole at Omaha Beach swallowed a shrapnel sandwich. Years of shenanigans followed.

Sam married a model. Elsewhere, they were manufacturing better ones.

Her Dreamcatcher hung from the rearview mirror of Sam’s Mustang long after she deserted him.

At the VA Hospital, Sam became paralyzed while snowflakes that glittered like crystals dissipated outside.

Sam lent the Mustang to an acquaintance who … Continue reading »


I have a new story up at Red Fez called “Jersey Shore.”  It’s not about Snooki and the Gang but two average guys looking for their future wives at the boardwalk on a day when a Quicksand Warning is in effect.  Thanks to the editors at Red Fez.  You can check it out here.   Jersey Shore