Coffee & Cigarette Break

Have A Laugh While The Boss Isn't Looking 


ONB Tip: Free Coffee

Find a full service gas station. On your way to the restroom, locate the Mr. Coffee machine used by the mechanics. Invariably, it will be located near the back office. On average, you can rely on the "Sorry, I thought it was free coffee" line 4-5 times before being asked to never show your face again.

ONB Bonus Tip

If at anytime you hear "It puts the lotion in the basket" coming from the back office, ditch the coffee and GET OUT OF THERE FAST. There are limits to what one should do for free coffee.

ONB Tip: How Coffee Can Protect Your Infant From McDonald’s

Caffeine combats the addictive chemicals fried into McDonald’s French Fries. Therefore, generously feed your infant drops of coffee to give her a fighting chance not to become a McZombie.