Coffee & Cigarette Break

Have A Laugh While The Boss Isn't Looking 


Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans

With the sun rising and the fog clearing over the banks of the Mississippi, not much beats a cafe au lait as the city starts to come alive. Catch a riverboat, mime, fortune teller and jogger all in one glance just before you take the first creamy sip.

AmTrak Train (Northeast Corridor – 1 am)

Skilled drinkers only, please. Rumblin’ train could toss you and the cup onto the tracks or, even worse, splatter on train conductor’s face. Scalded railman could retaliate with his lethal ticket punch.

Badlands National Park, Interior, South Dakota

Nothing washes down an Indian Taco like a cup of smoldering Joe in a ceramic mug. Also, it’s ideal while backpacking because coffee will actually lower a human’s internal temperature even as the desert heat hits 116 degrees.

30,000 Feet Over the Atlantic Ocean

Grabbing the first brewed cup in the airplane galley at 4 am half-way through a 22 hour flight back from South Africa. You are groggy, and have no idea where you are. You see only clouds through the porthole window and the pilot’s last announcement was hours ago, following a refueling stop in Cape Verde. The coffee will quickly rescue you from your fog and let you know you are not that far from home.

In Your Favorite Comfy Chair While Watching Fox’s "Man versus Beast" Competition

You sip smooth Antiguan Roast and cheer on the limber-armed chimp to out-hang the cocky Olympic gymnast. "Toast" the victorious simian with your cup held high, as the monkey thrusts his arms over his head in victory and taunts the losing mammal.