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Athena Barabbas Rockin’ the Cradle

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

So my story “Athena Barabbas” which appeared in the November 2010 edition of Burnt Bridge was recently nominated by Burnt Bridge for an award.  In the story, Athena is having a tough time with her relationship.  So much so, she auctions off her boyfriend to a room of imaginary women who are also displeased with their men. 

It got me thinking that I should combine the next “Greatest Song” entries with two that focus on different aspects of love.  Here goes.

Billy Idol’s Rock the Cradle of Love (1990).  This one is optimistic and fun, as in I want to rock the cradle of love.  I had a Mac II and round glasses.  It’s voyeuristic but that’s okay because who wouldn’t want Billy Idol looking in?  Plus, you know he’d give you the fist pump and smile if you were making any headway.

I also like how he shoves Marilyn out of the way at 2:55.

SM Bonus Tidbits: Like one of the comments on You Tube says, it looks like Billy Idol invented the flat screen.

Springsteen’s Secret Garden (1995)

This one is more realistic.  Fancy stereo equipment and a West Hollywood address don’t cut it, but a hammer and vice might if work really long and hard.

This is a live version of the song that also appeared on the Jerry McGuire soundtrack.

Buried in that Secret Garden?  There could be angels or a living soul but good luck getting there.

SM Bonus Tidbits: The video has no Jerry McGuire clips but does have the lyrics in Italian for all the Sauro Motel fans in Italia.