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Boardwalk Taffy – Asbury Park and Soft Serve – Bethlehem, PA

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Asbury Park Boardwalk circa 1977

Wish I had some photos but I did save the postcard. @criterion_ap on the boardwalk at #asburypark. In the 70s, my grandmother sent my sister a tub of #taffy for her birthday that we all shared. It usually lasted until Labor Day. It had different flavors and all the colors of the rainbow. I usually went for the chocolate fudge, which I guarded in the back seat of the car all the way back up the Parkway. #ontheboards #theasburyparkboardwalk

From Bethlehem, PA. Stumbled on this 90 year-old ice cream shop not far from the shuttered steel mills. I had vanilla soft serve, dipped in chocolate. The owner, who, I guess based on my age, figured I was off my soft-serve eating game, handled me a wad of napkins and laughed as the cream poked holes through the chocolate in the summer heat and ran down my chin, towards my heart.

Nick Lowe was set to perform near the blast furnaces the following week. Maybe he sang “I Knew The Bride” (when she used to rock n’ roll). #Bethlehem   #americana #nicklowe