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Diving For Pennies

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Guests who make frequent visits to Sauro Motel will quickly learn that I am a big fan of John Eddie’s music. I’m actually a multi-decade-long member of the Faithful.  As an introduction to his music, below is a link to John performing his song “Everything.” Every time I’ve heard him sing this song, he introduced it by saying it’s “for everybody that’s been divorced.”

Although there are several clips of “Everything” on the web, I prefer this one because of John’s passionate performance, and the guy dancing with his little girl in front of the stage.

The last time I heard this song live was at The Bitter End in NYC several months ago.  My only claim to fame is that I am usually the instigator of the audience “Momentum Clapping” that should start 3 minutes and 32 seconds into the song. I was pleasantly surprised that night when a group of Twenty Something women joined in.  Rather than make me feel like Wolfman from “That Thing You Do,” it inspired me to offer a link to my short story, “Diving For Pennies,” which has Twenty Somethings, a music theme, and, on its face, appears to be about divorce.  Check it out.