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Friday, March 27th, 2009



I  always liked this album cover for Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend.”  It’s a picture of actress Tuesday Weld, I’m assuming on the California coast.  The last time I was in Laguna, I walked down a side street and found a similar spot at the top of some stairs that led down to a picturesque cove.  I’d post the pix but I’m not nearly as pretty as Ms. Weld.

“Girlfriend” would have made a great addition to the wall of album covers we had in college.  Album covers provide a great backdrop for games of Quarters or, on those special nights, an impromptu Puppet Show. 

I’m not a Matthew Sweet aficionado, but I’m pretty sure the title track to this album was the big hit, although I also like “I’ve Been Waiting” alot. Check it out below.