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Friday, May 7th, 2010



“SURRENDER” —  Cheap Trick


          Our first entry in the race for Greatest Rock/Pop Song of All Time is Cheap Trick’s “Surrender.”  A song covered by so many well-known groups and even more unknown bar bands, it must be considered.  I’m drawn to the bizarre lyrics, including a reference to the “WACS in the Philippines.”  The WACS were the “Women’s Army Corps,” an adjunct of the Army during WWII.  My Aunt Rosemary was very proud of being in the WAVES, which were the women who served in the Navy during WWII.  I don’t think anybody messed with her once they found that out, and it looks like she was banking it as well.


       Judging by the picture below, I have to commend the WAVES for being able to engage in the Battle of Midway while still looking stylish.    


          Below is a clip of Cheap Trick performing “Surrender” on “The Midnight Special.”  That was the show from the 1970’s that came on late on Friday night.  It often was the first time you got to see a band performing live (or at least taped live).  I don’t remember it being “Burt Sugarman’s” The Midnight Special but I do recall Wolfman Jack being the announcer.  (Loyal Feedburners, you may need to click through to SauroMotel to see the clip.)  Check out the drummer with a cigarette in his mouth for the duration of the song.



Excuse me now while I figure out where I can go get a white suit like the one in the video (I think my older bro rocked one of those in the 70’s).


          Please sure to keep your eyes open for the next installment of Greatest Rock/Pop Song of All Time…