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Dunk ‘N Dine

Saturday, January 26th, 2013


 dunk n dine

 Ah, the Dunk ‘N Dine.

Or, to some, the Dine ‘N Dunk. (Once you got that in your head, there was no reversing it.)

Many Atlantans have spent a late night there fueling up on DND’s coffee, also known as Legal Speed. Anxious law students, sitting next to sleepy truckers, sitting next to animated drag queens.

Tasty eggs, grits, and toast for most of us. Catfish or chicken livers for those with an adventurous spirit.

And when the older waitresses spilled coffee on you by mistake while pouring your fourth refill, they’d offer to kiss it for free, to make everything all better.

Although when that happened to me, with a waitress who referred to herself as “Mommie,” I respectfully declined.